Marketing Through YouTube

How successful is YouTube marketing? Very! We are surprised that so many local clients have not taken advantage of video marketing. Perhaps the reason is because people do not understand the power of video. Perhaps the reason is because people do not understand that you can actually rank videos on Google in your particular target location. For instance, we recently did a video shoot for a local tree company in Chattanooga. We have also been in the process of ranking it for tree service Chattanooga. We also have focused on producing and ranking a video for another local tree company. We have been in the process of ranking them for tree removal Augusta GA. We have found great success with this approach particularly with tree service companies. Residents like to be able to see what their companies do via video. It helps give a greater sense of authority and trust. If you would like to find out more information about how this service can greatly effect the success of your business, then give us a call.

Growing Your Tree Services through Photography

Do you need to grow your tree service business? Have you thought about how quality photos could market your company to your clients. Photos have a huge ability to connect with your clients. Photos of your work communicate several things:

  1. Authority- It shows that you know what you are doing. It automatically shows your clients that you are in your field and you know how to take care of certain tree situations.
  2. Professionalism-Photos allow you clients to see your uniforms. It can also communicate that you have your own truck. It can also create a personal feel to your professionalism.
  3. Personal- Having photos of your owners and your team communicates a personal nature to your company. It also allows your company to connect with clients. They have more of a tendency to trust you when they are able to see you.